Cabinet Drying

Cabinet Drying

A burst pipe, heavy rains, leaks or flooding can cause water to seep into the cabinets in your home. Left unremedied, this can lead to serious damage. Water can cause wood to warp and twist. It can lead to particle board inside cabinets swelling and becoming distended. Over a period of days, standing water can lead to dangerous growths of mold and bacteria. If you have water in your cabinets, you need to seek professional help right away to ameliorate the current damage and prevent future damage from occurring.



Our Cabinet Drying Process

Complete Drying Company has been providing emergency water removal services to people in the area for the past 19 years. Our trained technicians arrive in clean uniforms and marked vehicles for your comfort and your safety. Our thorough, step by step process removes all moisture from your cabinets to protect them from water damage. Our process:

Step 1: Locate wet areas on and in cabinets

Water cannot always be detected by the naked eye, or using your sense of touch. We use sensitive equipment to help us locate where water has invaded your cabinets.

Finding the incursion is the first step necessary in getting the water out and your house back to being good as new.

Step 2: Install cabinet drying system

We remove moldings and baseboards to expose the area below and allow us to remove moisture that can damage your home. We then drill where necessary to allow drying equipment to get access to the areas where water can be hiding.

We drill in inconspicuous areas at floor level and inside cabinets so that the drill holes can be easily concealed after drying is completed.

Step 3: Start the drying process

Our top of the line equipment increases airflow behind and beneath cabinets and large appliances. This helps speed up evaporation, removing water quickly before it can cause serious, long-term damage.

The process can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. By making several entry points, we can speed evaporation and ensure that drying is complete.

When you experience water damage, we should be the first people you call. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. If you have water beneath or inside your cabinets, call us right away. We can provide a free estimate right away and begin removing the water to prevent damage to your home.




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